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About Us

We're dedicated to relieving daily, family transport stress.

With over 10 years combined childcare and transportation experience, we are committed to protecting your children by ensuring safe, trustworthy transportation for your busy family.

kid student child transport transportation

Our Mission

To support busy families who need some extra help getting their kids from A to Z. We know as parents, our days can be very hectic. From rushing clear across town and back home again, to heading back out into traffic for after-school activities...whatever your daily travels consist of, let us help you make sure your children arrive safe and on time!

Our Vision

To support the families and communities we serve by allowing more time for what matters, while helping protect future generations as they travel day to day.

kid child student transport transportation
kid child student transport transportation

Our Story

The mom-owner and founder, Mrs. K. Gibson, a South Texas native, has over 10 years combined experience in childcare, education, and transportation, along with a Master's degree in Business Administration. While living in traffic-jammed Dallas, TX for 20 years, she vividly remembers the chaotic schedule of trying to get her two young children safely to and from school and various after school activities, as a single mom. Without any nearby relatives to help, Mrs. Gibson felt the immense stress and pressure of working in the corporate world while striving to provide normalcy for her two young kids, from a divorced family. Now that her children are grown, Mrs. Gibson has decided to step away from the corporate world and step up to fill in the gaps for busy families to ensure that our communities' future generations get to and from their destinations safely.

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